Released: 2002
Label: MediaMix Entertainment

1. I Just Want To Make Love To You
2. Bc Boogaloo
3. Get On The Right Track
4. Country Girl
5. Chicken, Beer, And Fifty Dollars
6. Jive At Five
7. Cry To Me
8. Spanish Grease
9. You Dig? You Dog!
10. Loveless Love
11. Bloodshot Eyes
12. Meddlin' With Edlin
13. Let The Good Times Roll


Don't miss "Organ-ized!" (MediaMix 1002) from bassist Dave Post and his assemblage of the greater New York area's hippest players. Swingadelic mingles blues, jazzy swing, Latin flavor and funky boogaloo, drawn from recordings by Wynonie Harris, Count Basie, Louis Jordan, Muddy Waters and Solomon Burke, not to mention killer originals like "BC Boogaloo", "You Dig? You Dog!" and "Chicken, Beer, and Fifty Dollars." A happening set.

-Tom Hyslop, Dec/Jan edition of Blues Revue

Once again and full of energy comes back this enjoying and dancing band called Swingadelic, to give us joy and happiness with their deep Texas blues and forties and fifties West Coast sound knowledge. The cd sounds compact but, at the same time, lively and full of rhythm, thanks to an effective horn section. Arrangements are really impressive along the thirteen tunes included on the CD that cover a wide range of different compositions, from Duke Ellington, Count Basie or Willie Dixon to Dave Post's own compositions, who is always very inspired at acoustic bass. A colourful precious recording, full of splendid moments, with the best jive, swing, jump, r&b and other similar styles, that on the hands of these guys and their friends, get a special magical touch that very few musicians can reach. Unbelievable! GREAT.

-La Hora del Blues, Spain

Swingadelic, sounding like a burnished Saturday Night Live band at the old Apollo, opens up with "Meddlin' With Edlin," a rocking blues by Dave Post.

-Michael Lydon

The second CD from 'New Jersey's greatest little big band' fits seamlessly with its predecessor "Boogie Boo."
A danceable sound in between Jump, Jive and a little bit of Jazz. Multiple horn players and the this time very present Hammond organ set the tone, like this the record seems to be dedicated to the deceased B3 greats Jack McDuff and Jimmy McGriff. The opening track, Willie Dixon's "I Just Want To Make Love To You" turns into an irresistible, tasty "Horns Swing" with excellent vocals. Their own material is also represented, with the 60?s flair tune "BC Boogaloo" from the hand of bandleader and upright bassist Dave Post. With "Cry To Me" and "Spanish Grease", the groove palette is extended into the South American genre, "Bloodshot Eyes" brings some Rockabilly onto the table. The good thing about Swingadelic is the fact that they deliver excellent party music, but also for them that don't want to tire their legs and want to listen relaxed, an equal serving.
Although the Blues and Swing boom from the Nineties has ended, with bands like Swingadelic it is here to stay.

-Concerto Magazine, Austria

Swingadelic, based in the New York City area and lead by acoustic bassist Dave Post, is a working swing and jump blues band that varies in size from 6 to 10 pieces. This album, the groups' second, incorporates the soulful Hammond B3 sound throughout. (The album is dedicated to the late organists"Brother" Jack McDuff and Charles Earland.) Tom "T-Bone" Stinson and Don Militello split the keyboard duties.
Tunes such as Post's "BC Boogaloo" and W.C.Handy's "Loveless Love" (aka "Careless Love") mine the 60?s soul-jazz groove. But the disc also includes classic blues (Willie Dixon's "I Just Want To Make Love To You"), classic swing (Basie and "Sweets" Edison's "Jive At Five"), Latin jazz (Willie Bobo's "Spanish Grease" and plenty of jump tunes.
The rhythm is infectious on each performance, though the personnel and soloists vary from track to track. The usual instrumentation is alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, organ, bass and percussion. Several instrumentalists also double as vocalists. Alto and tenor saxophonist and vocalist Buddy Terry is an asset in all departments. His Illinois Jacquet-style tenor is perfect on Post's "Meddlin' With Edlin." Trombonist and vocalist Neal Pawley also distinguishes himself, especially with his smooth lead vocal on "Cry To Me."
Swingadelic seems an excellent party band. It sounds authentic (as opposed to slick and faux retro). Its arrangements and solos make for fun listening as well as dancing.

-Owen Cordle, JazzTimes