Boogie Boo!

Released: 1999
Label: MediaMix Entertainment

1. Boogie Boo
2. In a Mellotone
3. Exactly Like You
4. Just Like a Woman
5. One Bad Stud
6. Blues In Hoss Flat
7. Your Red Wagon
8. The Honeydripper
9. Zelda's Theme
10. It Should'a Been me
11. The Swingadelic Stomp
12. The Hoboken Boogie
13. Baby Please Don't Leave Me


Swingadelic fuses swing, jump blues with a touch of funk for a sound that really works well. The title track gives the listener a taste for Swingadelic's mastery of the jump blues/jive sound with a highly syncopated tune. Other standouts include jump blues classic "The Honeydripper" completely redone adding an organ. Great blues guitar, organ soloing and strong horns and vocals make this a CD and a group to check out.

A groovy mix of inspired reverence, expert chops and big fun that combine in an original gumbo of jump blues, rockin' rhythms, jazz and soul that avoids the current fad of recycled Gap commercial cliche's. The song selection and arrangements are evidence of a deep knowledge and love of the music that gave birth to rock'n'roll in both spirit and energy with playing that is loose, flammable and completely swinging, baby!

-Dennis Katsanis

Auch Swingadelic! haben sich als New Jersey's greatest little big band dem Swing, Jump und Jive mit Haut und Haar verschrieben. Also gibt man in der Besetzung Stand-up Bass, Gitarre, Vocals, Drums, Hammond und bis zu funt Blasern. Neben Eigenam interpretiert man songs von Duke Ellington uber BB King bis Ray Charles. Das klingt zwar etwas konventioneller als die Mischung auf "Swing This" ist aber uberaus konsequent umgesetzt. "Acid Lounge" nennen die Jungs ihren Stil, und das ist was dran. Jazzige Grooves beleben die Platte, verbinden sich mit R'n'R-Rhythm, jumpendem Blues und Cha-Cha. Da steckt viel Enthusiasmus und - insbesondere in den Instrumentals - auch viel Liebe zum Detail im Engagement. Erfreulich, dass Bands wie Swingadelic! diesen Stil hoch und frisch halten.

-Dieter Hochmer, Concerto.

A great little big band led by arranger, bassist Dave Post. Cutting edge sound of 'acid lounge' sporting a blend of classic swing, jump blues and soul. Hot licks from Neal Pawley (trombone & vocals) and Fausto Bozza & Andy Riedel (guitar), John Berry and Ken Fradley (trumpet) Gerard Guida and Andy Burton (keys), Joey Stann, Ed Manion and Jeff Levine (reeds) & more top musicians. A dancin' & listenin' Swingadelic pleasure!

Bo Lewis, Big Band Dance Party

Very professional musicians, good arrangements, great imagination and talent, powerful sound. Although they are only a combo, they sound as a real big band. Jump, swing, jive, forties west coast sound, Louis Jordan, Eddie Vinson, Big Joe Turner and even Marilyn Monroe. Yes, yes, and if you do not believe on the Marilyn influences only listen to "Exactly Like You". At first sight they could seem only as Roomful of Blues imitators, this is not true, they have their own sound, their particular style and enough personality to give in their songs in their own distinctive way. Swingadelic will give you joy, will make you dance and will give you happiness again and again.

-Vicente Zumel, La Hora del Blues

Led by Hoboken musical Mafia mainstay Dave Post, this wonderful mix of swingin' juke joint jive and "acid lounge" misses the joke yet delivers the punch line on a project that could have been a humorless exercise in shallow silliness. Rather than jump on the current (no pun intended) big band wagon and offer up tired recycled cliche's and imitation Gap commercial swing - these groovin' cats craft and balance reverence, chops and a big ole dash of fun into an original gumbo of jump blues, rockin' rhythms, jazz and soul. Did I mention fun? A smooth running Rocket 88 powers the Swingadelic rhythm section, the horns, guitars and Hammond organ are firing on all cylinders while the singer takes every turn' on two wheels. Whew! The fine-tuned song selection and arrangements are evidence of a deep knowledge and love of the music that gave birth to rock 'n' roll in both spirit and energy. A capital idea indeed! Basie, Ellington, Brother Ray and Bob Wills are well represented here but the fact that these guys pay homage to Georgie Fame and Prez Prado lifts this product to the status of art. If Austin Powers wore a fedora and smoked the mezz he'd be at the Kottonmouth Klub in a Swingadelic mood 7-24. Swing-a-delic Baby, Swing-a-Freakin' Delic! Jump on this one.

-David Strange, MusicHead Magazine